Friday, 19 October 2007

Pink, purple, blue?

Today I'm focusing on the pink. Today is Pink Day at my school. You may be wondering what that is? Well, everybody ditches uniforms and turns up in as much pink as they can, for charity (Breast Cancer Care, to be specific).

You pay a pound towards the charity at Tutor Time, two pounds towards it when you have your photograph taken, and there's a bake sale for more money.

In fact, yesterday, there was a "Slave Auction". Some Sixth Formers volunteered to becoming "slaves" and were sold off on auction at Pink Day Assembly.

The slaves would belong to the purchaser for a grand total of two days. They would have to do everything they said in that time; carry their bags, get their lunch - but not have a romance with them or do their prep!

I didn't buy a slave though. Maybe next time.

Well, ciao!

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Sk8erstich said...

That sounds like a really cool idea. I wish we had that at my school. =/