Saturday, 17 November 2007

They didn't break the record.

At Domino Day, every year, they break a record. But not yesterday. The final "Domino Challenge" was failed. Basically, there was a big break in the dominoes done on purpose. Two contestants are chosen from the group of Domino Day operators, and they have to place the dominoes.

Obviously, it's not just placing them - it's harder than that. There is almost always an obstacle. This year?

The last domino challenge, two contents were standing in a clock with moving arms. They had to follow the arms and line up dominoes on them. They kept knocking them over, and they were so close ... and then time ran out.

So they failed. And the huge Domino Day rainbow didn't go.

Domino Day 2007 is going to be shown unedited on five at 14:40 for my fellow Brits, by the way. Watch it and enjoy it.

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